Water Treatment Webinar Recordings

Landfill Leachate Odor Control

Fugitive odors of landfill leachates are problematic. Today, there is much interest in controlling odors released during the collection, handling, and disposal of landfill leachate.  While the primary focus of leachate treatment must always be to meet the applicable environmental regulations,... Read More

Lead & Copper Control with Phosphates

Compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule can be challenging for many water systems and can be achieved by a variety of different treatment techniques including the application of a corrosion inhibitor. This presentation covers the lead and copper rule and its application to a water system... Read More

Solving Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Problems with CAIROX® CR Tablets

This webinar features CAIROX® CR Potassium Permanganate Tablets as a unique controlled-release (CR) formulation that dispenses permanganate slowly into flowing water. CAIROX CR Tablets are a safe, easy-to-handle oxidant technology designed to treat odors in... Read More

Mitigating Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water Treatment

The frequency and magnitude of blue-green algae blooms have been increasing internationally and throughout the US.  This has resulted in a greater concern regarding the environmental, public health, and water quality impacts due to the growth of harmful algal blooms (HABs).  In order... Read More

A Multi-barrier Approach: The Removal of Microcystin by Conventional Treatment

This presentation covers a multi-barrier approach, including permanganate use, as the most successful treatment practice for removal of microcystin from drinking water. Topics include screening and analytical methods for testing the toxicity of a cyanobacteria bloom, the latest on the US EPA... Read More

Safety and Handling of Phosphates

This presentation covers the storage and safe handling of phosphate products ranging from orthophosphates and zinc orthophosphates to liquid blended poly/ortho phosphates.  Topics include chemistry, material compatibility, storage, handling, proper PPE, and disposal of phosphate-based... Read More

Safety and Handling of Permanganate

Carus Corporation is a leader in technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise for both potassium and sodium permanganate brands. A brief product overview of potassium and sodium permanganate highlights recent changes resulting from Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS) requirements. Handling,... Read More

Basics of Permanganate

Carus Corporation's potassium and sodium permanganate brands deliver results across numerous markets including municipal (drinking water, sanitary wastewater treatment), industrial (process water treatment, wastewater treatment, specialty applications), and environmental (site remediation,... Read More

Permanganate Pre-Oxidation of Algal Impact Source Waters

Reviews published literature on the effect of pre-oxidation on algal cell integrity, metabolite release, and the destruction of algal toxins. The value of permanganate treatment is highlighted as the first step in a multi-barrier water purification treatment approach. In particular, the advantages... Read More

Permanganate for Oil & Gas Applications

There is a long history of permanganate use in the oil and gas processing and petroleum refining industries. Permanganate oxidation chemistry is particularly effective for certain common impurities and pollutants that are found in oil and gas processing and refining. In particular, the destruction... Read More