Water Market News

Welcome Thomas Kelly

January 14, 2020 It is with great pleasure we welcome Mr. Thomas Kelly to Carus as the Upper Northeast Regional Sales Manager. Tom is responsible for site reviews, technical product education, sales, and inception of solutions for customer needs. Tom most recently served as the New England District... Read More

Welcome Lyndon Berwick

May 13, 2019 It is our pleasure to welcome Lyndon Berwick to our Carus team as Technical Service Representative . As Technical Service Representative, Lyndon provides technical service in all product and application areas. Working with customers, Lyndon will demonstrate the effectiveness, application,... Read More

Welcome to Christian Anderson

West Coast Regional Sales Manager, Carus Corporation   It is with great pleasure we welcome Mr. Christian Anderson to Carus Corporation as the West Coast Regional Sales Manager. In Christian’s role, he is responsible for the states of Washington, Oregon, California,... Read More

Buy Local: All Permanganate is Not Equal

Leadership Over the past century, working from its original home in LaSalle, IL, Carus Corporation has developed a reputation for being the industry leader in quality and customer service while becoming one of the largest permanganate producers in the world. Through collaboration... Read More

Cold Weather Advisory: Phosphate Products

  An Important Reminder for our Carus orthophosphate, zinc orthophosphate, polyphosphate, and blended phosphate distributors and end-use customers: Now that we are entering into the winter months, in many regions of the United States and Canada we are experiencing extended... Read More

Cold Weather Advisory: CARUSOL®, CARUSOL® C, and LIQUOX® Permanganate

  During the winter months, many regions of the United States, Canada and Europe experience extended periods of cold days and nights. CARUSOL® liquid permanganate, CARUSOL® C liquid permanganate , and LIQUOX® sodium permanganate products may be exposed to days of... Read More

Midwestern Municipality Treats Landfill Leachate Odor and Corrosion Issues

BACKGROUND & PROBLEM A midwestern municipality was experiencing two common lift station issues: (1) odor complaints due to volatile hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) and (2) sulfide corrosion of their infrastucture equipment. The source of the problem? Landfill Leachate . The lift... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Bid Team

  Pictured from left to right: Maria Bergagna, Barbie Smith, & Samantha Pumo Barbie Smith will celebrate 30 years at Carus Corporation in October this year. She started in 1988 in the Accounting Department and served in many roles including Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Dylan Kemmerer

Dylan Kemmerer is a member of Carus Corporation’s Marketing team with a focus on lead generation. Dylan joined Carus in 2013 as a Quality Control Technician. Following his quality position, Dylan was the Technical Service Chemist specializing in customer service samples regarding... Read More

Updated Lead Times

June 22, 2018 09:40 AM As you may have experienced yourself or read in various industry newsletters, the transportation and logistics industry is experiencing capacity shortages across all sectors.  The trucking industry has been especially hard hit by multiple factors that are... Read More

Odor issues heating up in the summer months? Meet CAIROX® NUGGETS

CAIROX ® NUGGETS are an essential addition to your toolkit for combating  hydrogen sulfide  (H2S) odors. CAIROX® NUGGETS are thumbnail sized, dark purple, potassium permanganate granules that are great for peak odor control . Many customers swear by them when dealing... Read More

Phosphorous Discharge Limits and Drinking Water Corrosion Control Plans

How much can really be accomplished by focusing efforts here ?   A trend is emerging to reduce algal blooms by lowering phosphorus discharge limits in wastewater through the elimination of blended phosphates from drinking water corrosion control programs. Surely, algal blooms... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Customer Support

By definition, a customer support representative is responsible for a given territory to assist customers through the entire buying process from order placement, shipment, invoicing, and questions about the order after placed or received. By Carus’ definition, our customer support... Read More

Solving Wastewater Odor Problems

  Have you become nose blind to stinky odors? One of the most frustrating problems in wastewater and industrial collection systems is hydrogen sulfide odors and the resulting corrosion issues that arise. Odor problems can be easily resolved with our new CAIROX® CR potassium... Read More

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

In our business, we recognize that chemicals are vital to our nation’s economy. When used properly, chemicals contribute to a safer and cleaner environment. However, chemicals come with inherent risks, especially if the proper safeguards are not in place. For example, many of our business... Read More

Potassium and Sodium Permanganate Global Harmonization Safety (GHS) Requirements

As a world leading producer of potassium and sodium permanganate, Carus is dedicated to safety and handling of its products for both employees and potential users. Carus Corporation is a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and participates in the ACC’s Responsible Care ®... Read More

Phosphate Global Harmonization Safety (GHS) Requirements

Carus blended phosphate products are part of the broad chemical category identified as “corrosion control and sequestering chemicals”.  These products are manufactured, packaged, and delivered in either a dry powder or a concentrated liquid form. These two forms are... Read More

Permanganate for Microcystin Risk Reduction

The increased frequency and magnitude of harmful algal blooms (HAB) has resulted in a number of new challenges for drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) operators.  Optimizing existing treatment processes to comply with current water standards, while protecting the public health from... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Directors of Sales, Product Manager, Distribution Manager

Carus Corporation’s diverse and experienced sales and marketing team is comprised of key positions with the goal of achieving our vision: bringing together customers, employees, and specialty chemistries to create innovative solutions. It is our pleasure to highlight our Directors of... Read More