Carus was founded in 1915 by Dr. Edward Hegeler Carus, who first produced permanganate while at the University of Wisconsin. When World War I in Europe threatened supplies of potassium permanganate in the United States, Carus saw an opportunity. 

During its history, Carus' ongoing reliance on research and development, as well as its emphasis on technical support and customer service, has enabled the company to become the world leader in permanganate, manganese, oxidation, catalyst and blended phosphate technologies.

Today, Carus Group Inc. manufactures a range of products for the municipal and industrial markets with the majority of products used in environmental applications.

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    1915-1916 - Dr. Edward H. Carus starts production of potassium permanganate with makeshift equipment.

    1918 - First manufacturing plant of potassium permanganate constructed in LaSalle, IL.

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    1920-1923 - New process developed for potassium permanganate production.

    1924 - Improvements and expansion of potassium permanganate plant.

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    1932-1936 - Process developed and plant constructed for manufacture of hydroquinone/manganese sulfate.

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    1940 - Plant expanded to provide critical war needs of nylon production, as well as sodium permanganate and calcium permanganate to propel torpedoes.

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    M. Blouke Carus

    1959 - Blouke Carus joins Carus as a Development Engineer.

    1959 - The potassium permanganate method for municipal water treatment developed and introduced into a large number of water plants.


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    Carus enters into drinking water treatment with CAIROX®

    1962 - Free flowing grade of potassium permanganate developed.

    1964 - Tradename of CAIROX® potassium permanganate registered.

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    CARULITE® pellets

    1972 - Proprietary mixtures containing CAIROX for air scrubbing and metal cleaning introduced.

    1978 - Introduction of CARULITE® catalysts for descruction of volatile organic compounds. 


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    Improved drying of cake coming off belt press following permanganate treatment

    1980 - Completed major expansion of CAIROX plant.

    1981 - CAIROX process for odor control in municipal sewage introduced.

    1985 - Major expansion of CARULITE® catalysts production and introduction of 40% sodium permanganate.

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    Inga Carus

    1992 - Inga Carus joins Carus as the European Sales Manager.

    1997 - Carus aquires TPC.

    1999 - Introduces CARUSOL® liquid permanganate.

    1999 - Enters into the remediation market for soil and groundwater treatment with permanganate.

    1999 - Carus acquires Kjell.

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    Soil treatment with permanganate

    2000 - Carus aquires IQN of Trubia, Spain.

    2002 - Launches RemOx® ISCO reagents, remediation grade permanganates.

    2006 - Carus aquires CalciQuest.

    2008 - Carus acquires DBI Remediation Products, LLC.

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    2010 - Carus aquires Alexander Chemical.

    2010 - Carus receives the Sandy Trowbridge Award for Excellence in Community Service.

    2014 - Carus aquires Pristine Water Solutions.

    2015 - Carus celebrates 100 years of service to our customers